Xhale's Vision

'Xhale’s vision is of deeply connected individuals, communities and organisations nurtured through the gifts of meditation and the landscape.’

What is Xhale?

Xhale is a tourism and development organisation founded by Ann Ward. Ann delivers a range of courses including meditation and stress management.

She also organises retreats and tours in the Ring of Gullion and surrounding areas.

All courses, retreats and tours can be adapted to suit specific needs and interests.

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Benefits of Meditation

Enhances the Immune System
Decreases the Aging Process
Builds Confidence
Unlocks Creativity
Increases Compassion
Increases Happiness

Courses and Retreats

Xhale offers numerous courses and retreats suited to your needs

Introduction to Mindfulness

Participants will be gently introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation and explore a range of techniques which help to anchor you in the present moment.

Deepening your Meditation Practice

Train your mind through the Buddhist practice of Shamatha/mindfulness, (Sanskrit for “peacefully abiding.”). Please note you do not have to be Buddhist to practice!

Xhale Day Retreats

Throughout the day we will explore mindfulness meditation using a range of techniques including: breathing exercises, objects, visualisation, use of mantras, contemplation, reflection, development of personal affirmations and body scan.

Guided Tours

Ann will take you on a passage through time during her guided tours. She will share stories on the magnificent archeological sites, biodiversity, geology and literature associated with this ancient area.

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