Mindfulness for Winter Wellness – 6 Week course

Join Meditation Coach Ann, for this special mindfulness programme which will support you this winter to build resilience through stress reduction. Ann will enable you to develop practical tools to use within your daily routine.

  • You will learn how to use your natural resources of the breath, the body and the senses to ground you in the present moment. In the present moment fear and anxiety do not exist
  • Throughout the duration of the course, you will learn about the many mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation and  explore a range of mindfulness techniques including nature connection
  • Be able to use mindfulness to support sustained positive improvements to your holistic health and well- being eg.  mindful breathing, gratitude, walking, eating, drinking and cooking practice
  • For your mindfulness homework, each week you will be asked to practice a daily activity mindfully
  • You will be encouraged to keep a personal journal to record any insights on your mindfulness journey
  • The course will include a practical toolkit to help you to sustain your practice

Monday 16th Jan – 20th Feb 7-8.30pm