Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing Workshops

Ann delivers 2 hours and 1 day experiences on a one to one or small group basis.

2 hours in a forest environment can boost our immune system for up to 10 days and when we spend a whole day in the forest it can boost our immunity for up to 28 days.

In today’s busy world there is a constant state of over stimulation and ‘techno-stress’. This immersive experience is an opportunity to allow your mind and body to switch off and truly rest, supporting you to feel more grounded and centred.

Meditation Coach and Shinrin Yoku Practitioner, Ann will gently introduce you to ‘forest bathing’ which is the art of connecting with nature through your senses. She introduces a number of creative techniques to help open your senses and to support your immersion within the forest environment. Experiences include periods of deep silence, to support participants to develop awareness of nature and to nurture feelings of peace and contentment. Ann supports visitors in connecting with the present moment using their natural resources of the body, breath and senses.

The healing environment of the forest will help build your immune system, support cardiovascular health, promote sleep and stress reduction as well as stimulating creativity. These are restorative experiences; visitors leave feeling relaxed, rested, revived and hopefully more connected mentally, physically and spiritually.