Winter Solstice Mini Retreat

Solstice literally means “light standing still”.

This is the perfect chance to stop and connect with the sacred Winter Solstice light. This special mini retreat will take place in Ann’s cosy 2nd World War Nissan hut.

We will create a special Mandela using paint and objects derived from nature. This will support clarity, focus, energy and wisdom when setting intentions for the year ahead.

Celebrate with a special apple, clove, orange, almond & rosehip tea and some seasonal goodies.

At sunset you will be virtually transported to the top of Slieve Gullion mountain to one of Ireland’s most ancient and sacred sites. A stone age burial chamber, built approximately 4,000 years ago, especially for the winter solstice (unfortunately due to a number of restrictions we are unable to physically go up this year). Ann will support you to connect with the sacred Solstice light through a guided healing white light meditation followed by personal reflection to develop goals and affirmations for the year ahead.

We will gently end the afternoon with a mindfulness body scan where you can continue to rest with the new Solstice light.

Special notes for guests

Please wear warm comfortable clothing and bring a piece of nature with you for the creation of the Mandela. Also, a yoga mat, blanket and pillow for the body scan and a notebook and pen for your goals and affirmations.