Vitamin N (Nature) & Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Nature connection is so important at this challenging time for bringing comfort and safety.  A daily helping of nature (Vitamin N) is as important as food and exercise to support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
During lockdown Ann was inspired during her own forest immersion, to design and test her first online nature intervention programme. The research findings of the course were overwhelmingly positive.
‘Stopping when the lockdown came was a gift enhanced by the most precious gift of this course. I felt a joy every morning in anticipation of what nature would teach me’

Course Participant

Course Benefits
•       Boosts mood, energy, immunity & sleep, stress reduction
•       Deepening a re-connection with nature through the senses;
•       Nurturing creativity and a symbiotic relationship with nature;
•       Building coping strategies and resilience during these uncertain times
Course Structure
Seven Sessions  – 5 x 1.5 hours  (delivered through zoom/WhatsApp and face to face when Covid 19 guidelines permit); a 2 hour forest immersion and a follow up group mentoring session 4 weeks after the course.
·       Weekly grounding and gratitude meditations at the beginning and end of each session
·       Each week we will explore a nature connection pathway from the National Trust model:  the senses, beauty, meaning, emotion, compassion
·       Weekly nature-based homework invitations and solo time in nature
·       Use of the creative arts to support and express nature connection – this could include taking photographs, sketching, using found natural objects and making an eco sculpture/nature Mandela, creative writing, textiles eg making a quilt or other craft
·       Each week participants will be invited to share their nature immersion journey with other participants
·       A 2 hour group nature immersion/forest bathing experience on week 6 with a tea ceremony with foraged elderberry cordial (face to face dependent on Government Covid 19 guidelines). 
·       A group mentoring support session 4 weeks after course completion. This will be a check in through zoom or WhatsApp to support participants in continuing their nature connection journey.