Benefits of Mindfulness

One of the main benefits of meditation is stress management as it triggers the relaxation response in the body and contributes to holistic health and wellbeing.
A regular practice helps to prevent stress from getting into the system and can help to release accumulated stress from the body.


Reduces anxiety 
Enhances the immune system
It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate
Helps lower blood pressure
Decreases muscle tension
Relaxes our nervous system
Helps lower cholesterol levels

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
Improved flow of air to the lungs, resulting in easier breathing
Decreases the ageing process.
Weight loss


Builds self-confidence
Decreased tendency to worry
Develops intuition
Helps with focus & concentration
Increased productivity
Improved learning ability and memory
Unlocks creativity


Helps living in the present moment
Provides peace of mind and increases happiness
Helps you discover your true purpose
Increased compassion
Growing wisdom
Deeper understanding of yourself and others
Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony
Nurtures skills in non-judgement leading to increased acceptance of oneself and others
Helps develop forgiveness

"Before an interview, I was feeling very nervous and used the breathing exercise to calm myself and regain focus! It definitely worked as I got the job! Thank u so much for teaching this valuable technique….I will be able to pass on to others in my work with young adults."